Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) Congregational Stewardship Services blog. We will provide an interactive opportunity to explore stewardship-related topics in this spontaneous, informal venue. So join us as we explore. . .

Annual budget drives
Capital campaigns
Green construction
Joyful giving
Loans, loan guarantees, and grants
Ministry and good works
Stewardship education
Planned giving
Strategic planning as it relates to stewardship

*Green Sanctuary was originally one of the blog topics for the Congregational Stewardship blog; however, the topic became so big and we had so many stories to share that we created the Green Sanctuary Blog. Visit it to learn about Unitarian Universalist congregations that are engaging in the Green Sanctuary program, provide resources and ideas to congregations, and share information about what’s going on with the Green Sanctuary program.

Blog Contributors:

The main contributor will be Wayne Clark.  You may see some of the Congregational Stewardship Consultants act as occasional contributors and you may see some guest contributors.  We will make sure that we introduce any new contributor on their first post.

For program information:

Learn more about Congregational Stewardship Consulting at the UUA.
Learn more about building loans, guarantees, and grants available from the UUA.
Learn more about the UUA’s Green Sanctuary program.

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