The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations’  49th Annual General Assembly in Minneapolis, Minnesota is only 20 days away.

General Assembly, GA, is our yearly meeting of congregations where we come together “to take part in the governance of our Association, to build together a vision for its future, to learn from each other, to work, talk, play, and imagine together, to grow together” (from the opening of the General Assembly Program). 

Congregational Stewardship Services traditionally has a presence at GA.  Wayne Clark and Robin Nelson (Director and Program Manager, respectively, for Congregational Stewardship Services) will be attending, leading workshops, meeting with leaders, staffing “the booth”, and available at GA.  Additionally, some of the Congregational Stewardship Services consultants will be at GA.  Notably, Mark Ewert, will be co-leading a workshop #3009 Stewardship as Authentic Presence with Dr. Sharon Groves as well as leading a discussion group

For a complete listing of all of Congregational Stewardship Services offerings at GA:

Congregational Stewardship Services is part of the larger Staff Group called Congregational Life.  As such, we will be in the Congregational Life “booth” #642 in the Exhibit Hall.  If you have questions for us you can stop by “the booth” and leave a message for us and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. 

See you at GA!

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