From time to time, congregations ask about providing donors  an opportunity to make their annual financial commitments on-line. We have spoken previously about Vanco Services, which offers electronic transfer options. Vanco will manage the process in which donors have their commitments automatically withdrawn from their checking account each month. Currently more than 100 UUA congregations successfully using this service.

But what about electronic payments using a credit card? Historically, we have shied away from this option because of the expense.  However, there has been recent conversation on the UU-Money email list that suggests there may now be a viable option. You can find lots of information about the possibility of using credit cards for financial commitments online.

We would welcome a blog conversation about this option.

  • Has anyone tried it?
  • If so, what have been the advantages?
  • What are some pitfalls to avoid?
  • If not, why?
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